Frequently Asked Question

1) Is Online Tender Portal Government or Private Organization

Online Tender Portal is a private organization


2) What does Online Tender Portal do?

Online Tender Portal provides the following

  • Tender Information
  • First hand tender documents
  • Tender Documents Support
  • Online Tender Documentation Support
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Class 2 / 3
  • Vendor registration support
  • Online Tender Bidding Support
  • GeM registration support
  • GeM product catalog support
  • GeM service catalog support


3) Can I become a member of Online Tender Portal for free?

Yes, just singup and verify your email id.


4) What services of Online Tender Portal are paid?

All services mentioned in Sr no 2 are paid, except for sr no 1 is optional.


5) Can I drop my services at any point of time?

You can drop your services at any point of time. But for paid services the amount is not refundable under any circumstances.


6) Does Online Tender Portal come under GST?

Yes, Online Tender Portal comes under GST and bills / payments / services are charged GST.


7) Does Online Tender Portal float tenders?

No, Online Tender Portal does not float any tender. It just aggregates tenders of departments and passes the information to its clients.


8) What are the benefits of subscribing to Online Tender Portal?

The benefits to subscribing to Online Tender Portal are

  • It helps to save time, money and manpower required for tendering process.
  • It helps to avoid missing tenders.
  • It provides online tender bidding for tenders across India.
  • It helps in doing vendor registration.
  • It helps in making class 3 DSC and delivering it to you.
  • It helps in doing GeM registration.
  • It helps in listing your products on GeM portal.
  • It helps in gathering further tender documents.

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