About Online Tender Portal

Online Tender Portal is a tender aggregator for tenders published by Central and State Governments of India. There are thousands of departments and websites that publish tenders across India. It really becomes difficult for anyone to register on 1000+ sites. Some offer tenders for free while some are paid. Imagine even if someone registers on 1000+ sites then what will happen! They will receive 1000+ email alerts daily. This will flood the inbox and the probability of missing important business emails is very high.  Even if you don’t subscribe to these sites and plan to download tenders as and when they are published then again the probability of missing the tenders increases because businesses now-a-days are very competitive. To ensure businesses sails comfortably one has to work very hard and focus only and only on the business. Then this leads to missing of tenders. 

It is in such circumstances that the services of Online Tender Portal come for your rescue. Daily more than 50000 tenders are downloaded from all sites of state and central government department sites. Then the data is arranged and duplicates are removed. Then they are categorized and classified so that you receive the exact tenders of your choice. These tenders are sent as alerts on daily basis either via emails or whatsapp. Also you have your online login credentials. You can login and access the tenders whenever you are online. You can create your own profile, add or edit credentials and preferences.  Creating account is free of cost. 

We are determined to provide you unmatched service coupled with technology, enabling smooth and end user deliverables. 

We warmly and heartily welcome you to the new world of surfing. 



Online Tender Portal. 

Your key to avoid missing tenders!

We are aware that you’re very busy. But our services will ensure that you don't miss tenders.

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