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Online Tender Portal is an entrepreneurial initiative to help entreprenures reduce time, money and man power required for tendering process. It is a portal that covers and collects tenders information of all tenders pulished in India. This information is classified, categorised and then sent to the valuable subscribers and members via emails and SMS. This facility helps the subscribers to save time, money and manpower required for searching tenders. We believe that outsourcing of some tasks will help reduce the company tasks. Afterall saving is earning.

Why to Subscribe?

1) Our services have helped our subscribers to reduce time required for tendering process.
2) Reduce Manpower required for tendering process.
3) Reduce Money required for tendering process.
4) Just spare two minutes daily to check emails and know what sort of tenders of your category have been published.

Business Solutions

1) Bid Online tenders for Clients
2) Prepare Tender Documents
3) Calculate Eligiblity Criteria
4) Identify Penalty Clauses
5) Prepare DSC for Tender Bidding
6) Technical Assistance during Bidding

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Online Tender Portal

Subscription Process

Thousands of clients have subscribed on our portal not because they can't search tenders only because our services has helped them to reduce time, money and man power required for tendering process.
Below is the process for subscription


Call: +91 9274123698

Call us on +91 9274123698 and let us know your requirements


Email us the keywords so that we prepare queries and you receive the exact tenders



You can make payments by below methods:
1) Paytm: +91 9274123698
2) Phone pe: +91 9274123698
3) Bank deposits
4) Online gateway



Invoice copy will be emailed on your registered email id. The same will also be couruered on your official address.

First class business solutions

We are a team of professionals from the tender Industry. Our serivces have enhanced the possibilities of acquiring tenders for our clients. We are indeed glad and proud to serve our subscribers. 

Outsourcing: Cost effective and better expertise

Many serveys have proved that not all tasks can be performed by a single entity. Inspite of having all the expertise inhouse some tasks are better performed when outsourced. This not only saves cost but also reduces time, money and in turn enhances Quality.

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Tenders by States

30 May 2018

Tenders from Maharashtra

Maharashtra is seeing a rapid development. Tenders have been published for works related to Irrigation Projects, roads & Expressways, Procurement of mechanical items, Ahmedabad Mumbai Bullet train and much more.

30 May 2018

Tenders from Gujarat

Numerous small & large scale industries flourish in Gujarat. The folk here has tremendous entrepreneur skills making Gujarat the home of business. Tenders are published by various organisation & departments in Rajasthan.

30 May 2018

Tenders from Delhi-NCR

Delhi NCR region and the adjoining areas serve as an important venue for various small and large scale industries. These industries participate in tenders floated by various government and private agencies and organizations from time to time.

Tenders by Cities

30 May 2018

Tenders from Mumbai

Mumbai is the political capital of Maharashtra and the Financial capital of India. Thousand of industries surview in mumbai and surrounding Mumbai. It is house to lakhs of businesses from Mumbai, Maharashtra and from rest of India and world.

30 May 2018

Tenders from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat and the seventh largest city of India. It is a house to numerous enterprenures. Thousands and millions of industries are thrving in AHmedabad and surrounding Ahmedabad.

30 May 2018

Tenders from Bangalore

Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka and the IT hub of India. It is a house to thousands of IT companies from India as well as the world. It has gifted due to the presence of large IT companies.

Tenders by Keywords

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

Tenders for Road

Tenders for roads include tenders for construction of roads, widening of roads, tarring of roads, resurfacing of roads, construction of cc roads, installing and maintaining road furniture, etc.

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

Tenders for Construction

Tenders for construction include all those tenders that are related to construction like construction of roads, construction of buildings, construction of bridges, construction of compound walls, etc.

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

Tenders for Culvert

Tenders for culvert includes tenders where work includes like building new culverts, repairing of existing culverts, maintaining of existing culverts, widening of culverts etc.

Tender Dictionary

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

What is RFP?

Rpf is request for proposal. Request for proposal means a proposal where the tender floating party asks for proposals for a particular work in order to initiate further actions.

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

What is NIT?

NIT means Notice Inviting Tender. Generally the preliminary documents that include all the basic details, procedures, terms and conditions, drawings and such details are called as NIT.

Online Tender Portal

30 May 2018

What is BOQ?

BOQ means Bill of quantities.It is a document prepared by the cost consultant (often a quantity surveyor) that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

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